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[08 May 2006|08:40pm]
For sake of a lack of somewhere better to post this.....

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[18 Mar 2006|12:37am]
Maaah sorry I have been MIA so much lately >_<

Basically I have two big things taking up my life: Exams in Bio and Sexual Behavior next week, which I have been studying like a mother for because I really NEED to do well on them. That, and I got Fullmetal Alchemist full series =D So that's been my primary concern as of late.

BUT Japan pictures are up, on Facebook and here for non Facebookers. It was totally a blast, but I'm overwhelmed by work right now.

"So you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be...whelmed?" "I think you can in Europe.."

Name that movie!!

Anyway, I'm so so so so so sorry for neglecting EWOM duties, it is seriously a dagger in the heart right now, but I haven't been talking to ANYONE lately. And I'm starting my on campus job tomorrow!!! Yeaaah.
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[06 Mar 2006|06:46pm]

Okay, I am seriously going to tell people not to go to this country soley based on the reason that the plane ride was horrible. It's fourteen hours going there, and I just don't sleep on planes. I was in a row of five seats with just me and this fat guy, and he streched out and took up FOUR OF THE FIVE SEATS. I was like ".......Thanks buddy." So I watched National Treasure like, four times. And my back was kiiiilling me and I was awake for a full 27 hours....glorious. But the guy across the aisle was this Japanese guy who worked for Motorola or something, and he really enjoyed me speaking Japanese to him. He thought it was funny. That's not reassuring whatsoever.

I met JOHN at the airport and we had to take this bus in to Sanumiyu, the shopping district of Kobe, then took two more trains. We were just babbling the whole time, trying to make up for months of not seeing each other. I'm sure we confirmed many American stereotypes.

John stays in this house-like area above the church, which is just a main hallway with a bunch of rooms off of it, and a little kitchen. You do have to take your shoes off, and wear slippers around. The toilet is in it's own little separate room, and when you flush it, the sink ON TOP of the toilet turns on automatically. It's pretty amazing. But the best part is the shower!!! You undress in this little separate room, then go in to the shower, which is its own room too! It's kind of strange to be showering in a little ROOM...like, with it's own light and everything, when I'm so used to a stall. But there's this super deep bathtub called an ofuro. You shower and then get in to the tub and just SOAK. I love it.

On Sunday, we walked around Kobe and saw some shrines and stuff. One thing I will say about the Kobe area is it is HILLY. Like, seriously EVERY street is either a downhill or an uphill walk. And then you'll have these random patches of forest in the middle of the neighborhood, because it's on a mountain and it's literally too steep to build anything. All the houses are build up rather than out, and their "driveways" are literally a 5 by 5 square, because their cars are so tiny too. John and I figured out that the reason everyone is packed in to cities is because that's the only place you CAN live...the country is so mountainous (mountain-ridden?), you have to build where you can, you have to utilize all the flat land.

We visited a Shinto graveyard, and saw all these traditional Japanese homes where they literally grow their own rice. Then we also walked through this really "rich" neighborhood....where the houses just looked like regular American houses. We walked forever and a day to this mountain, and then we hiked up. It was this rocky trail all the way up. But we stopped and drank the stream water too, and it was sooo good. And yes, for curious minds, we did have to use the bathroom on the way up. A part of me now lives in Japan forever. But my calves and knees were seriously KILLING ME, but the view when we got to the top of the mountain was AMAZING. You could just see the entire city of Kobe in valley and the surrounding mountains, and even the water in the bay by Osaka. We sat on top of the mountain for a few hours and waited for the sun to set, and that was glorious. The walk down only took like, half an hour (in the dark...), and we sang Moulie Rouge in harmony the way down, haha. And then we had onden for dinner that night!!

So I went to bed pretty darn tired that night, and was still super sore the next day. We got up early and ate miso soup and rice for breakfast (yum). We took the train back in to the shopping district of Kobe. It was pretty sad though....it was literally nothing but clothing stores and places to eat. I don't really know what I was expecting, but it's so discomforting to see Gap and J.Crew all over the place. We ate at Japanese Wendy's for lunch, but that was on purpose. We saw this super large temple too, and walked around that. It's sort of sad because Japanese people literally ignore us. I mean, I know people don't exactly strike up a conversation with you on the streets in America, but I really wish I could talk to people my age or something. John and I decided to say we're from Canada, because Americans have such a bad rep and stuff. Hopefully stuff later this week will be more...cultural.

BUT I got to eat takuyaki (octopus), and yes, drink vending machines are EVERYWHERE.

LATER THIS WEEK....tomorrow is Himeiji to see the Imperial castle and the gardens. Then three days in Kyoto to see all the temples and old stuff. We're staying traditional Japanese inns!!! Where you get a yuukata robe and sleep on futons and tatami mats and everything! We're going to an onsen too....the kind of bath where you're just in a big pool....naked in front of everybody....ahhhh.
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[09 Feb 2006|01:27pm]
I had an amazing birthday weekend!!!!

On Thursday night, Brett and his friends and I all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for karaoke night! I chickened out and refused to sing anything though. I CANNOT sing in front of people I don't know. Karaoke at Emily's house is a totally different story. Friday was amazing when Seth and Travis kidnapped me to go to Flaming Amy's, and we picked up Scotty and Noah on the way. We literally plucked Noah from the sidewalk and told him to get in. Then Jason and Brad and a ton of other Crusade people met us there for good Burrito times. Brad came up to me and said "Hey Mallory...you know those claw machines with the stuffed animals that NEVER work? Well I prayed to God to get you a birthday present, and I GOT YOU ONE OUT OF THERE!!!" He gave me this cute yellow panther, which he named Yellow Jaundice, or Yellow J for short. So even though I still smelled of pool, we went to Scott's to watch "Return to Oz", the weirdest movie ever. Good thing watching movies with Brad Crawford makes everything interesting. Then on Friday night, I hung out with my one true love, Michelle, and my roomie, Will, and Ross.

Saturday was Chili's with the cast, which had many wacky pictures and bottomless chips. We were all gloriously late to our five hour rehearsal. And we were freaking exhausted afterwards. Luckily, Emmy, Sara, Erin and I went and stocked up on junk food, and had an SNL and Newsies night. I LOVE Newsies. Erin knew all the words and all the dance moves. Including the pelvic thrusts. It turned midnight (my birthday) during Christian Bale's solo. Emmy sang to me in Dutch, Erin in Indonesian (!!), and Sara in Spanish. It was PROBABLY the happiest moment of my life.

My actual birthday on Sunday was super busy. Trav and I went to church, then Jason drove me to rehearsal. Lauren got me a birthday doughnut, and all the cast girls sang to me =) I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY FOGGY AND TOAD CAST. I am going to die when this production is over. I was going to do homework and RHA stuff after rehearsal, but instead I went to get burgers with Sara and Erin. Because we for sure haven't spent enough time together lately. Then afterwards, I blew off homework again and invited Brett J Young over to watch Grey's Anatomy with all my friends. He met all my friends and my roomie, and they all liked him =)

So anyway, without preamble nor any following comments, he is my boyfriend now. I am extremely happy. It's so awkward to talk about this knowing he's going to be reading this.......so I might as well go nuts. He's the cutest boy in the world with his floppy brown hair, adorable smile and freckles, and such a funny guy. And he's the lead in Frog and Toad (co-lead, I guess) And best of all, he likes me =] I pretty much blame him for my latest academic apathy.

I had to go to the hospital yesterday X_X I got these super bad stomach cramps in gym, and then my gym teacher drove me to the health center where I passed out in a wheelchair. They kept asking me for phone numbers. Um, stop asking me my mom's social security, I AM DYING. So my gym teacher cancelled his next class and drove me to the hospital because he's awesome. I was in the stupid waiting room by myself for two hours and I never want to see Family Feud again. Then I had to go in to a waiting room and put on one of those hospital gowns. One of the nurses was like "We need a urine sample. We have to put a catheter up your urethra to get a sample from your bladder". I freaked out and said I didn't want to, so she said I wasn't going to get better and left. I cried and wanted my mommy and wished I wasn't alone. Then I sang the entire score of "A Year with Frog and Toad". Then I tied a sheet in to a straight jacket and pretended I was insane. Luckily, the doctor person was a lot nicer and told me I had dropped a kidney stone. So I signed a release form and my roomie came and picked me up. All I thought the whole time was how scared I was about the musical.

In conclusion, I am falling way behind on all my school work. I had three exams this week and I'm pretty sure I did really baed on all of them. But at least I have the excuse of musical and boyfriend...? I keep doing all my stuff the night before it's due though, and that's not really like me.
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quick pointless entry. [30 Jan 2006|12:02pm]
Being back at school is super fun so far.

Classes seem okay. It's really hard to be taking to many just because I can't seem to focus my full attention and efforts in to any one. Philosophy is the most pointless class ever, but I'm half asleep in it anyway. Stats is super boring. In high school, it did NOT take us three weeks to learn what a mean and IQR is. But it does in college? Gym is alright, we're swimming and it's super annoying to be smelly all day but whatever, best to get it over with. Animal biology is not only an annoying commute off campus, but also hard as hell. Our teacher is seriously throwing SOOO much at us, likes to lecture for an hour and half straight, is kind of psycho, and we have to read like, two chapters for class!! And the book seriously puts me to sleep. I reread the same paragraph a million times and still don't get it. I want Ms. Jackson and AP Bio back. Japanese is alright, interesting but hard. Human Sexual Behavior is a alright. Animals in Society is literally the easiest class ever. It's all field trips and us talking about our pets.

I'm filling out an application to be a Student Ambassador for next year. They're the people who give the tours, work Seahawk Saturdays, and work with the Chancellor and all that stuff. It's super competitive, like only one in three people are going to get it.

I went to a study abroad session with Ashley, and I'm hoping to go to Australia next year =] It's kind of messing up my next year in terms of on campus housing, stuff for junior year, activities, and scholarships though. But come on, Australia? And just a little over a month till I go to Japan and get to see John! Yay!!!

And I am not a hoebag. Despite what my friends and roomate all call me, haha. I'm just....multitasking. Yeah, that's it.
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[18 Jan 2006|10:42pm]
5 Things You Are Glad To Have Done Today:

5. Taken a two hour nap just because I could.
4. Printed and filled out two Shedd intern applications and partially filled them out.
3. Went to Hawk's Nest with Matt W, Matt B, Jennifer, and Will...because I don't hang out with them very often, and they're awesome.
2. Got excited about Japan/Sunset beach
1. Had lunch with my girlies.

4 Things You Wish You Hadn't Done

4. Swam in gym, because swimming in gym is tiring and lame and makes me smelly.
3. Filled out a really really long scholarship application before finding out it's for juniors and seniors.
2. Made Jen uncomfortable because I don't like her friends
1. Had a fire alarm drill in the dorm

3 Songs You'd Listen to (Or Are Listening to) Right Now And Favorite Lyric From Each:

3. "Only One" by Yellowcard "And there's just no one who gets me like you do"
2. "Alone" from Frog and Toad "I only came out here to think how I'm happy for all that I have, and all that I've had"
1. "Guys and Dolls" from same show "When you see a gent paying all kinds of rent for a flat that could flat the Taj Mahal, call it sad, call it funny, but it's better than even money, that a guy's only doing it for some doll!!"

2 Things You'd Do Right Now If You Could:

2. Go to Japan!!
1. Eat more peanuts. I really have to stop soon.

1 Quote That You Connect With:

"Only when we are no longer afraid do we truly begin to live"
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[11 Jan 2006|03:07pm]
I'm back at school!!!

The last week of break was amazing, going out to eat for practically every meal and getting to see ROY!! I never realized how much I missed the kid. Roy love brings people together. But the last week was amazing; seeing Sarah, sushi with my family, Northwestern, Ultimate Frisbee, lunch with Ms. Jackson, and going to Hutch's house!! And the wild Cranium times that always ensue.

In really really exciting news, I'm going to JAPAN for spring break!! John called last night to tell me it's all good....and he was speaking another language I think....maybe I was really tired. But anyway. It's super scary, because my flight from Dallas to Osaka is going to be standby.....scary! But still, I'm gonna take the chance because I would DIE to go to Japan, and I get to see my Johnny!! We're going to see Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto(!!!), and Hiroshima, if all goes according to plan. And eat udon, ramen, and drink, because we can!!!! Okay, sake is gross like whoa, but still. And we might stay at at a traditional Japanese inn, or an onsen hot spring!! Ahhh I'm so excited.

I learned how to play Texas Hold'em with my friends last night, which doesn't sound great, but I've never learned how to play poker, so major achievement.

Classes today were blah, maybe because two of the four were stupid gym. We're swimming on Friday!! How lame. Stats was stupid. Categorial vs. variate data? What? I miss Emily in that class. I don't think Dr. Frierson would appreciate me telling him that Teddy went to McDonalds. Oh BG times.....I had Philosophy of Human Nature, and all we did was write little paragraphs about why we are taking the class. I was like "Um. I have no faith in human nature. Yay!" Japanese, Human Sexual Behavior, and Animals in Society tomorrow should be good.

Housing contracts are out for next year!! And Ashley and I are going to a study abroad session soon. Ahhh so much planning for next semester already. Eek.

Resolutions for the semester:

-Go to the rec more often
-Take vitamins every day
-Be nice(r) to people I don't like (big one)
-Maybe grades, if I have time

Resolution for life in general:
-Stop being with guys that make me feel bad about myself. Maybe I should put that in to practice soon.
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[01 Jan 2006|05:40pm]
An annual traditionCollapse )
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[26 Dec 2005|04:12pm]
Sooo much to update about break!!

Monday me, ,Emily, Nik, Scott, AJ, and Matty Crumpuet Coppenhagen went downtown to the Field Museum. We took the train and the free trolley again, and that was really fun. We got to see all the stuffed animals (dude, moose are HUGE!), and the Pompeii exhibit. The Pompeii exhibit was pretty cool, but it was really only about the erruption and the excavation. I sort of wish it was about Pompeii in general, like, life in Pompeii. Pre-eruption. But whatever, old rings and body casts get old after a while. We also got to see a ton of stuff like the gem room, Sue, and some Tibet exhibit.

This week was Dina's birthday, and we went to Gurnee Mills on Tuesday. I spent waaay too much....on myself of course...but whatever, Christmas shopping was done, and hey, why is shopping for yourself so easy if you're not supposed to do it? Then on Thursday we went downtown to this bar/lougey place called Sauce. Kind of awkward since I didn't know any of her friends, but apple martinis made it all the better.

Got to hang out with all my buds at Dan's place on Wednesday....got to know them a little better in addition to running in to more Expressions than I care to count....not to mention having to be driven home in my own car by my hero, AJ. And Dan getting sick everywhere. But hey, whatever, it was a blast!!!

One great thing this break has been to be with with Ben. Even if we go to different colleges and it couldn't work then, hey, let's just enjoy what we have now, right? But I'm so happy, I can't remember the last time I was this happy with someone. I love to hang out with him, because he's still one of my best friends, even if some new stuff has developed. And hey, there's always summer, right? Anyway, Fantastic Four was an okay movie. One can watch half of it and still get the gist of things.

Christmas was amazing this year too. I got to go to church with the Zintaks, and got to see some people I hadn't seen since, like June! I got to see my daddy too. We had seafood for Christmas dinner, which I didn't like at all, but at least there was salad. I got some really great stuff too. I got Amazon Trail (which I BEAT! Hahaha), Eragon, Wayfarer Redemption, Prince of Egypt DVD, like 200 dollars to Old Navy, jammie pants, a sweet tea maker, a basket full of Asian food, a scarf in UNCW colors, and a "Prose before Hoes" Shakespeare shirt. It was an awesome Christmas!!! And I'm sure everyone loved their gifts too. Ben wore the shirt I got him =)


My roomate is in Arizona too, hope Jen is having fuuuun.
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[22 Dec 2005|10:44am]

My Little Pony has a Christmas special and I'm totally watching it and it's so cute.

Starcatcher is totally my favorite.
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[12 Dec 2005|11:53am]
Hahaha. So I'm sitting in my dad's classroom at Culver Military Academy. It's a high school that's a military school for boys, and a boarding school for girls. I'm at my dads desk, and there's all these students walking by and looking at me funny. I'm going to pretend I'm a substitute teacher. All the girls are wearing plaid skirts, and all the boys have military uniform on...with the grey slacks and the shiney shoes and the short hair and everything. The students here have to call him "Dr. Gleason" and some guys just passed that were like "Hey Coach!" Wow. *WEIRDED OUT!*

*le sigh* Oh but I have such weakness for men in uniform. Too bad they're all in high school.

But this campus is seriously beautiful. They have stone griffin statues outside the library. And they have a Hall of Science. I want a Hall of Science! I have never had a Hall of Science!! All I have is stupid Dobo Hall. I always feel like I'm at Hogwarts when I'm here. Except without robes. But this place would seriously prepare students so well for college. They live in "barracks" and have hour and a half classes, and a cafeteria...it's pretty much just like college, except they have no where to go on the weekends.

Oh well. We're going to eat at the cafeteria later...and I can pretend I'm in the Great Hall. Haha.
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[05 Dec 2005|02:40pm]
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Tuesday hucklbushee and I robbed a bank (-50 points). Last Wednesday I punched spaghettybetty in the arm (-10 points). Last Sunday I signed my organ donor card (28 points). In February I pushed _ticklemepink_ in the mud (-17 points). In June I donated bone marrow to lildrummergrl in a life-saving procedure (300 points).

Overall, I've been nice (251 points). For Christmas I deserve a toy train!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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[30 Nov 2005|06:02pm]
I love you all =)

It's times that sort of suck that make me realize all the amazing friends I have both here in NC and at home.

It was so good to see all my home friends and realize that college hasn't changed how we are one bit. We may be different people, but that doesn't change our realationships and the fact that we're still so tight. We're still having the same kind of converstations, doing the same stuff, and it's AWESOME. I love EWOM, and I love our crew, and I love the girls.

And even though times at school can suck...stuff like homework, and living together, and missing home and other assorted drama, I know I have tons of people I can rely on here. Even if it's just people to eat with, or do homework with, or other problems. I TRULY HAVE THE GREATEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD.

And I'm so grateful to God for giving me all this. Even when times suck, I only know it makes me stronger and able to help others when they need it. That's been coming in handy lately.

Wow, sorry for the random corniness. I have two huge bio projects due tomorrow....BUT I'M GONNA SEE RENT!!! hahaha. And I can't wait to be home in a week. And can't wait for everyone to come back from college a week after that. Thanksgiving was AMAZING, and now we have three weeks together!! All the amazing times over T-giving, amplified!!!
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[19 Nov 2005|03:35pm]
Okay, so I haven't updated in forever....and if it weren't for facebook you could think I was lying dead in a ditch somewhere....but whatever.

I saw the Harry Potter movie, and since I know you call care about my reflections so much, they are getting posted here. Spoilers.

Yes spoilersCollapse )

And I wish I was home now. Not four days from now.
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[09 Oct 2005|09:24pm]
Washington DC post impending! this in the meantime...

survey thing because i love my friendsCollapse )
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[30 Sep 2005|10:48am]

Okay, so I don't watch anything he's in, but still.

He was in a pinstriped jacket.
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[19 Sep 2005|01:06am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Okay, so things have shaped up quite a bit in this weekend alone. I've decided to stop caring about the girls in my hall, and explored new horizons. The next floor up has the most amazing people ever. Like, people I talk to for hours after only just meeting. I totally randomly dropped in on this girl to see if she had a pot, and we ended up talking for two hours about anime and Sara Douglass books!! So I feel better now that I met more people, and it just goes to show: the best friends in the world are nerdy people. Hands down.

I've also started NOT eating in my room, and go to the dining hall by myself. Every time I do, I see someone I kind of know, and sit with them and end up getting to know them a lot better! I figure that's way better than just eating with the same people over and over again.....so I'm making a ton of acquaintances.

Best Buy is sooooo fun that I actually enjoy my 8 hour shifts. The people are awesome that they make stupid annoying customers tolerable. I can't wait to work at the Arlington Heights store on Black Friday though, see all the old peeps =]

Just Like Heaven is a really good movie. Very cute.

I keep doing my homework all in mass amounts and always at the last minute. Well I guess that's okay because I choose to do it then, and it still gets done....but I reallly wanna take more credit hours next semester.

I have a TON of food in my dorm room....and no where to put it. Eugh.

Karen just showed me pictures from Expressions Preview, and I got a little nostalgic. I miss show choir. I'm not gonna lie.

I have a TON of books to read. And I never read because I never have time >_< How lame.

Dorm pictures are in here if you didn't see them: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/bubblecat25/my_photos
Coming soon is pictures around campus!

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[12 Sep 2005|01:22pm]

We're in the "die zone", a lovely phrase coined by a local news station. So classes are cancelled and there's a mandatory campus evacuation. While everyone flees to inland, I am going to my mom's friend's house....who....actually lives closer to the coast (........). So no body worry, I'm safe and I have my cell phone on, and am assuradely taking this opportunity to get a lot of reading done. I know I won't be back before Wednesday, though a call would be most appreciated, as I might possibly be bored out of my gourd. And in the end of this, I get to say I have been through a hurricane, bitches. I got my "Bring It, Ophelia" shirt, I am set.

Call if you'd like to know if I'm still alive. 847-867-9754. More later.
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[09 Sep 2005|02:18pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Why the South is so wacky:

~It's illegal to have sex before marriage. I have no idea how they enforce this. There was some big deal about a single pregnant teacher here last year....

~You can't have more than three unrelated girls living in the same house. It's considered a "brothel"

~The Confederate flag can be, and is, flown over public buildings.

~Interracial marriage was illegal in South Carolina until 1998


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[07 Sep 2005|02:16am]
Everything sucks, but that's okay BECAUSE I'M SO HYPER I CAN'T FEEL IT!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D

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